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Karen is a librarian, reader, storyteller, artist, gardener, blogger, and sometimes activist. She enjoys working with 'kids' of all ages and, especially appreciate the opportunities that technology has given her in her work and personal pursuits. She lives with her husband and a willful Beagle in Nasvhille, Tennessee, where she is active in church and environmental causes. She and husband, Dean, have a grown daughter.





Book Much of my published work relates to my profession . Two articles in the Texas Library Journal, and various newsletters and webpages. In addition, I wrote a weekly column for the Morton Tribune which gave local residents a glimpse of life in the public schools in that wonderful West Texas town. I contributed to A quilt of states: Piecing together America by Addrienne Yorinks. I am currently working on a book about a bold woman explorer in the 1920s.
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Storytelling - A Sword of Power and a Mother's Blessing


Storytelling has been part of my life since my Irish grandfather started telling tales when I was a wee child. Over the years it has served me in my position as Librarian, but also has taught me a great deal about myself and the human race .

Perhaps my love of story grows out of the deep human desire to know myself and make a better world than the shambles we find ourselves facing. The characters of fairy tales are never really alone.

They have some sort of magic with them, a talisman or somesuch; a magic bean, a sword of power, a dead Mother’s blessing.  These things allow us puny humans to believe that we can accomplish greatness. It is the message of scripture. Our God lifts up the weak and poor to great heights to accomplish Her purposes. .  The Hero of the tale accepts what is but doesn't remain in that world. She chooses transformation.

As one wise storyteller said , “If we have myth, we have our shining talisman. We are not alone, for behind us are those who told tales  and waiting are the generations to come.  And we carry, each one  of us a Sword of Power and a Mother’s Blessing”








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The most remarkable year of my life!

After my mother's death, I found clippings of Bessies experiences as an Amazon explorer, Bessie's graduation picture, her book, Red Jungle Boy and correspondence. She must have been a powerful role model for a young girl graduating from high school in 1930.

Mother met Bessie through my great-uncle who was engaged to her. When she broke the engagement, it broke his heart, and he never married, but Mother stayed in touch with this remarkable woman.