Karen's Columns

These columns were written for the Morton Tribune as part of an effort to build bridges between the public and the local school district (1994-97). Many reflect my perspective as the high school librarian. Why people in this small community read my column, was at first a mystery to me. Perhaps it was the opportunity to see their world through the eyes of a stranger, or perhaps it was the opportunity to laugh with someone who, having moved from the city to the open prairie, seemed bereft of even the most common grain of intelligence.

I loved living in the solitude and silence of the prairie where my nearest neighbor was about a mile distant and town was 12 miles on a seldom traveled piece of "pavement." Living in Morton, Texas, taught me more about myself and people than all the years in the city, and contributed to a healthy dose of humility! In this small town I found world travelers, people of exceptional intelligence, goodness, and perspicacity! These columns give you a sense of what it is like to live in a community with only one stop light and fewer than 2500 residents, where your word was still your bond, and independence was the most highly prized value, second only to supporting your neighbor when they had a genuine need! The columns here are representative,and are my personal favorites.

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