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Quirl Thompson Havenhill is a quilter. Her work has graced the pages of Good Housekeeping, The Quilters, by Patricia Cooper and Norma Bradley Buferd, and her quilts hung in the library where I worked. She told me that she and her husband were more than married, they were partners. He'd taught her everything she knew about building and carpentry. He must have been a good teacher, because when Mr. Thompson died unexpectedly just as they were beginning to build their house in town, Quirl went home from the funeral, put on her overalls, and finished the house in 30 days. After she finished the house she took up quilting. Her quilts were masterpieces. I asked her how she got seems to match so perfectly. "If you make careful plans, things come out right." she said.


There are two good lessons in thinking about quilts. First, there's the lesson of careful planning. Things turn out right if we plan carefully. Second, there is the lesson of recycling. Good pieces of fabric are cut from sections of worn cloth and reused to make something beautiful and new.

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